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Re: cisco 2950 and trunk negotiation [7:63466] posted 02/21/2003
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I read somewhere on that the 2950s do not support ISL (it's true,
I tested it) the 2912 and 2924 series support both (2916M need a special
module for trunk), an the 1900XL series just support ISL (also tested). I'm
not sure about the 2820 series but as I think they woul have the same
trunking feature as the 1900 series.
 Somewhere on is a doc page about the trunking features along the
different generations of low end switches



""John Brandis""  escribis en el mensaje
> Hi,
> Any one else noticed that on the 2950, and I guessing other catalyst low
> switch's, that one cant define the encapsulation of the trunk link. Yes it
> will auto negotiate, however I feel that control has been pulled away from
> me. I also dont like on the 4006, that you can only define this same
> (if you have a GBIC Module) for the first 2 GBIC ports. The rest of the
> ports default to dot1q. Thankfully I use this, but I am betting that there
> are the odd people out there who may use ISL...
> Can some one tell me, is possible, how to define what type of trunk I wish
> to use on the 2950 using IOS 12.1(11)
> Thanks all
> John
> (please correct where I am wrong)
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