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RE: Bandwidth limitation [7:63154] posted 02/18/2003
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With 12.2 use the police command within a policy map not rate-limit


Dom Stocqueler

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Use rate-limit instead.


> Hi,
> the bandwidth command is for information only. It does not change the 
> interface. It is used by routing protocols like EIGRP to evaluate the 
> metric and to compare different links. For serial links the default is

> 1544 kbps (=T1 line) and on other interfaces the default is the link 
> speed (e.g. 100000 kbps for FastEthernet).
> Jens Neelsen
> --- Projet AIM  wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am working on a cisco 3620 router and I am trying to limit 
>> bandwidth on the FastEthernet interface with the Bandwidth command 
>> but I still have a
>> superior rate than the one I choose can anyone please help me
>> ( I have the IOS version 12.2)
>> sincerly
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