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Re: Minimum requirement for CITP class (Cisco VoIP) [7:63122] posted 02/16/2003
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you can start 3x 2600 / 3600 routers with voice modules, analog
phones and serial interfaces. A 3810 could be useful. The
functionality like gatekeeper, gateway are in the IOS with voice
feature set running on the 2600 / 3660 routers. For VoIP phones
you need a Callmanager. This is a special NT server with
software and the most difficult part to get.
Jens Neelsen

--- K Ali  wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Please help me to know the minimum requirement for running
> Cisco IP
> Telephony labs. What are the minimum reqruiement. At the
> moment I have got 3
> 2509 and 1 2600 series router modular one.
> Do I need some VoIP card? And how about all practicals? How
> about the
> Gatekeeper?? Is Cisco gatekeeper very expensive??? Is it a
> hardware device
> or some software that I can install on NT machine etc?
> I will appreciate your help.
> Thanks and regards,
> K. Ali

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