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RE: New Instructor Experiences [7:62826] posted 02/12/2003
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You may want to drown your disappointment in something a little stronger
than coffee. :-)

I volunteered to teach a small computer class at my daughter's school a
while back and I definitely had those days. It usually happened when there
were pressing issues at the office and I was anxious to finish the class so
I could start to resolve the issues. However, after a while I learned to
concentrate more on the class than the office!

In my opinion, it's just one of those things that happen occasionally.

Shawn K.

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I just feel the need to rant/vent for a bit and I knew there were a
bunch of you who might be able to relate to this.  I've started teaching
a short, one-session general networking class for some of the people
here at the bank.  The first session, which was really just a runthrough
with a handful of students, went fairly well.  In fact, it went so well
that they increased the number of overall attendees to about 60 or so.

Last week I had another session that went exceptionally well, except
for a couple of students who really didn't want to be there.  I couldn't
have asked for it to go better, and my boss heard lots of good things
about it.  One person even said I should be a professor!  :-)  Now, that
brings us to today....

Today I had an afternoon class, and in my opinion it sucked rotten
eggs.  I feel embarrassed to have been involved with it.    I can't
think of too many ways in which it could have gone worse.  I rambled, I
flew through 2.5 hours of material in about an hour, I lost my place a
lot.  I'm not certain that I ever formed a train of thought longer than
a couple of cars, and I think even those trains were without engine and

Have any of you other instructors had days like that?  As I even
mentioned in class, I felt like my 'explainer' was broken today, and it
certainly was.  I'm hoping that I could get some sympathy from other
instructors with similar experiences.  

Okay, I'm going to go drown my disappointment in some coffee!


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