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RE: Catalyst 4000 and DHCP [7:62632] posted 02/07/2003
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Waters, Kristina wrote:
> I am curious as to whether anything else got upgraded besides
> the new
> switch. I got the impression that this wasn't a problem before
> the upgrade,
> in which case portfast could definitely be the culprit.
> However, you could
> also see this error if DNS is improperly configured in a win2k
> domain. Also,
> I'm not sure about this, but if the 4006 has a sup3 or sup4,
> could the
> problem be related to layer 3?

Sure it could. He says all that he did was put a switch in, but there's a
good chance he did more than that, but we may never know... Sigh. But a new
switch might imply that he also put in VLANs, a L3 module, etc.

When people send in questions, it would be nice if they would send in enough
info so we could do more than guess. It would be nice if they would provide
a follow-up also and let us know what the problem really was and what fixed

Some people can't stand the "out of the office" messages.

I can't stand the messages that ressemble someone calling their doctor on
the phone and saying no more than, "Hey doc, I'm tired. Why?"

Now, if you go to the doctor in person, this might be OK because then the
doctor can examine you. Here the analogy falls apart. We can't examine
someone else's network. However, the wise poster will communicate info to us
about their examination of their network to help us help them. (This isn't
targetted at the original poster specifically, who did supply at least some

Troubleshooting should be done systematically. It's not a guessing game.

Hope we learn more about what the issue was! It could be educational for
many of us.


> Kris
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Priscilla Oppenheimer [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 1:24 PM
> To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: RE: Catalyst 4000 and DHCP [7:62632]
> Tunde Kalejaiye wrote:
> > 
> > hi all,
> > 
> > we just upgraded our network to a switched, a catalyst 4006
> to be
> > exact....some users have been getting 'no domain server
> > available ....'
> > error message. they usually have to try more than 4 - 6 times
> to
> > successfully log on to the network.
> > has anybody come across this problem before? what work around
> > did u use
> > besides configuring static ip addresses?
> > thanks for your response(s) in advance
> Your message title implies that there's a problem with DHCP,
> but then your
> message text implies that the problem is with Windows
> networking,
> specifically a client trying to reach the domain controller? (I
> assume you
> mean the Windows type domain server and not the IP Domain Name
> System.)
> So, verify for yourself and us that DHCP is working first. If
> the failure is
> with DHCP, try the stuff other folks recommended. Enable
> portfast so that
> the clients can start receiving replies to their DHCP request
> ASAP. Also,
> you may need a helper address, depending on where your DHCP
> server is
> located. Feel free to send us more info about your topology and
> configuration.
> Then, you have to get Winblows working. I did have all sorts of
> problems
> getting this to work with a consulting client who had upgraded
> to VLANs.
> Unfortunately, he fixed the problems in the end without my
> help, so I don't
> know the details, one of the frustrating things about being a
> consulant. (A
> lot of help that is. ;-) But you could look through some Group
> Study
> messages from about a month ago. A bunch of folks had ideas to
> help. I think
> the title of the thread was something about Windows Networking.
> Here's one message that a wise person on the list sent' I've
> forgotten who,
> sorry.
> "Simplest solution is to put a WINS Server on the Subnet that
> can't find the
> DC. Configure it to replicate with the DC on the other Subnet,
> or Statically
> configure the Domain Name entry for the NT Domain on the WINS
> Server in the
> troubled subnet. Your "DC Not Found" issue should be resolved
> then.
> More Administratively intensive solution is to modify the
> LMHOSTS file to
> have the following entry on every Windows Workstation/Server in
> the troubled
> subnet.
> IP.ADD.RE.SS MachineName #PRE #DOM:Domain-Name"
> Microsoft has tons of documentation on this sort of thing.
> Keep us posted! Thanks,
> Priscilla
> > 
> > Tunde
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