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Re: 7500 Router CPU rocketing to 90% [7:62530] posted 02/05/2003
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At 07:18 PM 2/5/2003 +0000, Mohsin Hussain wrote:
>We have 2 7500 routers with CIPs installed. Recently the router started to
>have its CPU shooting upto 90%. When show process cpu is run. It does not
>show what process is causing this because none of the processes are or add
>upto 80 or 90%. Only two processes: IP input at 10% and cls background at
>14%. The rest of the processes are at 0 or 0.1%.

I would call the TAC on this.

>Are there hidden processes that could be cause of the high cpu utilization?
>If so how can it be seen (i.e  any show commands?.

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