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RE: Difference between SNMP notifications and traps [7:62478] posted 02/05/2003
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I guess it depends on the context, but when configuring a Network Mgmt
Server, like Ciscoworks, insight manager, etc. a SNMP notification
refers to a SMTP email, or pager notification, etc. of a warning, or
critical situation that has occurred, with the NMS learning about it
through various methods, like SNMP polling, or SNMP trap receiving (the
end node sends a trap about an event that has occurred, like a link
down, power supply failure, etc)
Polling is done on a different UDP port, and is done by the NMS
actively, where a "trap" is generated by the end node to the NMS
(Network mgmt server)

Hope that helps...

Brett Spunt

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What is the difference between an SNMP notification and an SNMP trap?

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