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Re: kismet [7:62376] posted 02/04/2003
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I am not a wireless expert; however, I've setup a few network to know that
sniffer such as airsnort and Kismet are essentially "useless" if one designs 
the network with "PEAP" and "EAP-TTLS".  Furthermore, if you implement
IPSec (AES) over "PEAP" or "EAP-TTLS", then that will make kismet useless.
I welcome anyone to "hack" into my home wireless network because that is 
what I have.
 Vince Hoang  wrote:On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 08:41:44PM +0000, Priscilla
Oppenheimer wrote:
> Is it really true that Kismet can sniff packets on an 802.11
> wireless network, even if you have the access point set up to
> require login/authentication.

It is sort of like using tcpdump on a hub. In addition, kismet
also makes WEP less useful:

"Kismet supports decrypting WEP as packets are captured.
This enables Kismet to extract clients, IP ranges, and
alert conditions out of WEP-enabled traffic."

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