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RE: CCIE Self-Employment [7:62394] posted 02/04/2003
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to me ccie is an impressive cert because it is hard to obtain, but so what?
it just means that you know how to configure some routers, switches and
know protocols and etc, to me what is important is how you can apply your
knowledge in a real work situation, how good are you in designing a
network, how good are you in troubleshooting when problems occur, how soon
can you fulfill a request when a project comes thru and you need to be fast
and efficient in fulfilling that request, can you think in an overall
scenario of how to design and build a redundent and functional network for
a company, the core engineers in my company, some have ccies and some dont,
the ones that doesnt have them can probably run circles around some ccies
that are out there in the industry
i am also going after my certs but i am only doing it because of pressure
from upper management and it will make my resume look better

this is just my 2 cents :)

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Not sure about Chicago area, but in my area, rate is generally above
$150/hr. And guess what, I'm in Silicon Valley.

To configure a router or switch is simple. Worst case, pick up the phone
and call TAC will solve most configuration problems. Customers are
looking for someone that can run the show. CCIE is not enough, you also
need to know how to do project management and very importantly, how to

This is based on several interviews I had during the past couple of


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Really? WHERE DO I SIGN?????? :)

Chicagoland CCIE #7079

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Rate depends on who is paying and how much do they have? :-)

In chicago area $125/Hr is considered normal with 1 way travel time. If
got a fortune 500 client, you can easily bump it up to $175/Hr. and they
will not argue about it.


> CCIE self employed,
> well if you find another CCIE to partner with you can get silver
> status, (and some other requirements too)
> If you are in the biz you should know...pix...vpn and some other stuff
> hourly work is great but it depends on the clients locations...and the
> billing rate..
> Good luck in this market it may be better then being out of work like
> friend is (and he is a CCIE too)
> Bill at what you can get $100 to $200 an hour or more
> or less if its cash..
> Stephen
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> Subject: CCIE Self-Employment
> > Any CCIEs on the list in business for themselves?  What's the money
> > like, what sort of companies do you work for?  Do you do short-term
> > long term contracts?  Hourly work?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > --
> > Jason Greenberg, CCIE #11021
> >
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