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Re: IP unnumbered for HDLC connection [7:62134] posted 01/30/2003
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kajtzu@xxxxxxx (Kaj J. Niemi) wrote:
> In, you wrote:
> >  I heard rumor to the effect that Cisco would introduce /31
> mask support for
> >  serial p-t-p links.  Anyone tried that yet?  I keep
> forgeting to when on a
> >  router with shiny new IOS.
> It works well on all platforms I've used it on. Introduced in
> 12.2(2)T,


> ie. a long time ago ;-)

Yeah, most of my clients are of the "if it aint broke, don't upgrade it"
mentality.  And a lot of my lab stuff doesn't have enough memory to go
beyond 12.1.  I'm often times 6 or more months behind the curve on IOS.

Thanks for the update.

> // kaj

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