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Re: Help with pix firewall logging [7:61902] posted 01/26/2003
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It may that no alerts at the "warnings" level have occured.  Trying setting
it at a high level such as 6 or 7 (which pretty much logs everthing).   Once
you have ascertained that logging between the PIX and syslog server are
working, then restore it back to the warnings level.



""Elijah Savage III""  wrote in message
> All,
> I have a pix running 6.2 it is logging to a freebsd server on the local
> network. It was logging at one time to syslog no problem but all of a
> sudden it stopped and I can't get it working. Here is the logging config
> I turned up logging to see if it would help and nothing. Yes I am sure
> syslog is running on the box if I do a tcpdump on the freebsd server I
> see nothing coming from the pix.
> logging on
> logging timestamp
> logging trap warnings
> logging history debugging
> logging facility 23
> logging host inside

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