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RE: Router boot up time [7:61848] posted 01/25/2003
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I think that the "ADSL" in the broadcast may be the name of the router.

I have seen this on one of my lab routers, and it tries to tftp the
config, using different variants of it's name, one of which is


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10 minutes? Are you exaggerating? :-)

Anyway, try "no service config".

That will get it to stop trying to download a config file with TFTP. 

You might want to figure out why it started doing that in the first
place to make sure it doesn't happen again. It happens often in a lab
environment with HDLC on serial ports. If you connect a router to
another already configured router, via a serial x-over cable, for
example, the new router SLARPs (gets an ip address from the other
router) and then tries to find a TFTP server. Even if it doesn't find
the server, it tries everytime you reboot anyway.

But it looks like you have an ADLS router. I've never heard of that
happening with an ADSL router, but perhaps it does. The solution in a
lab at least is make sure the other router isn't connected. Connect the
cable last.


Chris Penrose wrote:
> I have a router that takes about 10 minutes to start up, I can see 
> that it is sending out a broadcast
> trying to
> find a tftp server and load a configuration file which I don't
> need, how do
> I switch this off :-/
> Chris

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