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RE: VPN client: Cisco or Microsoft? [7:61500] posted 01/22/2003
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We have a client with a requirement to set up win2k help desk stations
at all of its remote plant locations. These stations are dedicated to
the help desk function and should not allow any other traffic or web
surfing. These stations also need to be idiot proof so the idea is to
establish a restricted VPN connection automatically at bootup. To do
this we have chosen to use win2k's built-in ipsec capability. We
administratively create an ipsec policy that will only allow the machine
to connect to the pix at the central site. The policy also restricts
traffic to http between the host and central site destination. Normally
I would agree that the Cisco client is "better", but as with most things
circumstance dictates the best choice.

Jay Dunn
IPI*GrammTech, Ltd.
Nunquam Facilis Est

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dont know too much about windows client but with the cisco we are able
set the group name and password without the end user knowing them.  this
just adds a poor man's version of something you have something you know
authentication.  the user has the group name and password on their pc
then knows their own username and password to access the network.

""Sam Sneed""  wrote in message
> Which do most of you use for Remote Access VPN?
> Pro's and cons?
> Thanks alot.

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