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RE: Loading IOS / OT Now [7:61413] posted 01/22/2003
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The BayRS does have some very cool features.
My favorite was the modularity of the software - if you didn't want a
feature you built your software package without it.  The only way you wound
up with a bloated OS was if you either needed all the bling blings or if it
was loaded by someone that didn't know what they wanted.  With Cisco IOS, if
I want Frame Relay SVC's on a 3640 I have to get a bloated 'Enterprise' IOS
load that has more knobs then I'll ever use!
The biggest problem(s) with the Bay/Wellfleet routers?  There was that baby
poop brown color... Lack of marketing skills... Not enough blinkie
lights...  a terrible web page... fairly shallow product lineup... and they
weren't percieved as a leader in the market, but a follower.  When Bay
bought the Accellar I thought they were on to something and then Nortel
happened.  That's not a bad or a good thing - just change.  Never
underestimate the importance of blinking lights.


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	I use bnfs95 still but it was always an unsupported
	tool. Not aware of anything for 3com NetBuilders
	though. Old NB's had a floppy drive. Another cool
	BayRS tool is the PCAP tool to do captures right on
	the router. I like BayRS.

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