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Re: ICMP Traffic [7:61453] posted 01/22/2003
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=?iso-8859-1?q?Barbu=20Alexandru?= wrote:
> Either with queuing or by turning on the nagle
> algorithm.
> service nagle

The Nagle algorithm won't prioritize Telnet. It will make it more efficent
and also avoid congestion caused by Telnet, but on modern  networks, Telnet
is not likely to be a big congestion culprit. The Nagle algorithm was
designed by Mr. Nagle (surprise) to solve congestion problems on his network
at Ford Aerospace that had a mix of 1200 and 10,000,000 bps networks. (Yes
that's 1200 bps.)

Jsut being picky. Better get back to work. :-)


> Alexandru Barbu
>  --- Johan Bornman  wrote: >
> How do I prioritize ICMP (Telnet) traffic on a 1601,
> > no routing protocol
> > involved.
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