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RE: Loading IOS [7:61413] posted 01/21/2003
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dunno, dave.

it just says on that link that 3600's all use the same file system.
maybe you have to squeeze and format the card beforehand?


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  I went in the lab and it didn't work.  I pulled a flash card out of 
the 3660 that had an image on it and also copied the running config onto

the flash then pulled it out and plugged it into a 3640, it did not see 
either file.


Edward Sohn wrote:
> Dave,
> I actually had a similar concern a few weeks ago.  According to this 
> link, it IS in fact possible for Mario to do so, because all 3600 
> routers appear to use filesystem class "B".
> Ed
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> No
>    Dave
> MPuras@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>I am curious to know if it is possible to load 3660 IOS code to a
>>PCMCIA card on a 3640 if all I am wanting to do is get the IOS on the
> flash card.
>>I am not trying to load the 3640 router with the 3660 IOS.   I am just
> in
>>need of getting this IOS for a 3660 on a flash card but I dont have a
>>3660 at my present location so I thought about using my 3640.

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