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Re: frame relay stumper [7:60567] posted 01/18/2003
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Hi Geoff,

Just a small possibility....

Double check on what circuit is termining on the physical interfaces. What I
mean to say is, if the two ends are not connected to the same circuit
physically too, it might show you up/up (due to some other ends
connectivity) but it won't be the result what you are looking for. Show cdp
neighbor command can help you in this i.e. if some other Cisco router is
getting connected ypu can see that in place of desired router.

It had happened with me, so maybe it's the cause.....



"Mossburg, Geoff (MAN-Corporate)" wrote:

How's this for nutty: We have a frame-relay point-to-point circuit going
between our Cisco 7500 core router and a 2500 remote router, and the
subinterfaces have IP addys of .1 and .2, respectively. Both sides'
subinterfaces are "up/up", but I am not able to ping either IP address, even
when I am on the host router for each address! Both sides have other working
subinterfaces which I have tested similarly, and these use the same physical
circuit, so I know the circuit is good. OH... and this connection WAS
working at some point, but I can't tell when it stopped working, due to the
fact that neither router recognizes that there is a problem. I tried
bouncing both subinterfaces and reloading the 2500, but the problem remains.
Any advice about what I may be overlooking would be a Godsend.
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