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Re: response time between PIX with VPN [7:60981] posted 01/17/2003
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I like the tidbit about reverse lookup with traceroute.. I always wondered
why the Sun boxes were so slow at times during pings . Now I need to fire up
the sniffer and the x86 Solaris and see what I can see :) It would be my
luck that the x86 Solaris is different ..

Anyways.. this config was a Win2K laptop to a Win98 laptop. The back to back
between PIXs is made via two ports on a 2900. I plan to run through it again
this weekend and get some better notes.

Priscilla.. I started with ping but went with traceroute to play with access
lists allowing traceroute to pass. The telnet was just a quick and dirty
test that I could in fact make the connection through the tunnel. It was an
observation that the response time of the telnet was very *bursty slow*. It
would almost *pause* and then send a sequence of keystrokes. Almost like the
tunnel was flapping but the debug did not show this.

That slowness tied into the 800ms times posted by traceroute since 100ms is
preceptible by a user.

Like I said, I'll run a more formal test and gather up some more data. I
posted just to see if anyone had some ideas off the top of their heads.



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