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RE: PIX Question [7:60941] posted 01/13/2003
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If there is no route for that block, including summarizations thereof (and
no interface in that subnet), then it shouldn't go anywhere / be reachable.

So the next question - does it work?
	*	Can that machine get out, and if so ... try
 			... and what is it's IP?

Also - is there another router somewhere that will route it, or another
router/FW that will re/de-NAT it to a routed IP?


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The thing is the the router external to the pix, does not have a route for
the network, considering that, whill this ever work ???

Although the address is a public IP address, this company uses it as an
internal address, and It sould not be visible on the internet, also the
server with the IP address in on the inside network, not the DMZ
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