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RE: show trunk on 2924m-XL [7:60741] posted 01/10/2003
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OR , if on a gigabit port , you could use the term "show run int gigabit
0/1" this would show you the config for gigabit 0/1 only , so you don't
need to go through the entire config of a show run command :)

A show interface will show you the entire config like a show run , just
kind of in a different format , the show run interface gigabit 0/1 or
0/2 will just show the config for that interface.

For the ethernet port , show run interface fastethernet 0/1 , 0/2 etc.


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Have you tried show interface?

""Phil Wallisch""  wrote in message
> Does anyone know how to do the equivilant of a "show trunk" on an IOS
> based switch?  I've been having to do a "show run" to see if the port
> trunking.
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