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Re: Checking clocking speed on routers [7:60591] posted 01/08/2003
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At 10:59 AM +0000 1/8/03, Marakalas wrote:
>Hi All,
>How does one check the clocking that is provided by
>the telecommunications company to me. I just
>established that on one of my links in the network,
>our company has been paying for a 512kb line, and
>instead the line we're getting is a 128kb.
>Any assistance in this regard will be highly

You're going to need a hardware test instrument. Some higher-end 
multimeters and wiring testers have frequency counters. You can use a 
standalone frequency/pulse counter. Otherwise, I'd use an 
oscilloscope, with the caveat I know what the pulse train is supposed 
to look like.

I am assuming here that you are talking about physical clock rate on 
a DSU, not throughput rate.  That's a different problem.

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