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Re: OSPF area command with advertise option [7:60550] posted 01/08/2003
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At 6:28 AM +0000 1/8/03, Jenny McLeod wrote:
>Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:
>From the 12.2 IOS command reference.
>area area-id range ip-address mask [advertise | not-advertise] [cost cost]
>  (Optional) Sets the address range status to DoNotAdvertise. The Type 3
>summary LSA is suppressed, and the component networks remain hidden from
>other networks.
>Was that what you were after?  I've never tried using this command - the
>description sounds like it just plain doesn't advertise it, whether
>more-specifics are around or not (why would you want that behaviour?  To
>suppress all knowledge of the networks?)
>Perhaps it also needs a "conditional-advertise" option?
>It's been around since at least 12.0 - maybe longer.

The conditional advertisement is the key difference.  Advertise the 
summary into area if and only if all more-specifics are 
covered.  Otherwise, do not summarize.

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