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Re: CCIE Vs. BS or MS degree [7:59481] posted 01/07/2003
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""The Long and Winding Road""  wrote in
message news:200301072214.WAA17929@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> ""Howard C. Berkowitz""  wrote in message
> news:200301071956.TAA28321@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >snip>
> > BTW, I do consider this a fundamentally silly discussion, but I think
> > it's somewhat relevant for newbies to know that neither the cert nor
> > the degree is the ultimate answer.
> >
> OK. I'll provide the straight line.
> What IS the ultimate answer? You know, to Life? The Universe? And
> Everything?!?  ;->

Forty-Two.  But what was the question again?

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