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frame-relay problem [7:60522] posted 01/07/2003
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I've got 2 frame-relay PVC's to 2 different remote locations...  Both
identical locations with same amount of PC's running same applications...
Greenbay and Madison and the central location is Milwaukee.   When doing a
normal ping test to Greenbay and Madison the Greenbay locations response
times are almost 3 times faster.   When doing a large 4048byte ping test the
Madison locations response times are a little bit faster..
The routers are 2500's and the speed of both circuits is 128k port 64k CIR
frame-relay.   Weighted fair queueing as is the default.
Why would my ping times be 3 times faster to Greenbay with normal ping and a
little faster to Madison with a large ping?
Of course SBC hasn't found anything wrong.
Any advice would be helpful, this one is stumping me.

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