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RE: Please recommend some books for ccnp [7:60355] posted 01/05/2003
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Hi there,
COngratulations on clearing your CIT exam. My personal experience so far has
been that the best guides for the exams are the official Cisco books
themselves. Otherwise, a lot of books cover the same materials but I don't
know how much of a help they'd be.
As for the Foundations vs. individual papers, hmmm. The FRS paper is tougher
because you have to clear all the sections in one go and the no. of you
questions you are allowed to score incorrect is much more limited (per
subject). Also, FRS paper requires extensive studying. So, if you think you
can manage all 3 in one go...go ahead! :) But otherwise, play it safe and
take one at a time. All depends on how much you know.
Good luck with the rest. Take care.



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