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RE: PIX 515E NAT/PAT [7:60291] posted 01/05/2003
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Okay Mark Thanks , I will dig out with what you sent me and I will
be back soon :)

Ismail Al-Shelh

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From: Mark W. Odette II [mailto:mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 9:20 PM
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: PIX 515E NAT/PAT [7:60291]

Searching CCO's public web access will yield a wealth of information if
you check it out.

... and to answer indirectly, VPN Clients will terminate (attach) their
VPN tunnels to the PIX... so the outside interface address is what you
would use for the VPN Clients.  This means, that if you don't plan on
hosting anything else behind the PIX for the world to access without a
VPN connection, i.e., a web server for the public, you will
automatically be doing PAT for all users behind the PIX accessing the
Internet.  Hence, you will only need one Public/Registered IP Address to
support VPN Clients AND PAT.

VPN does have something to do with the Registered IP Address, as you
suspected. :)

Do some reading up and get back to us if you are still confused/stuck.

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From: Ismail Al-Shelh [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 7:46 AM
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: PIX 515E NAT/PAT [7:60291]

I have been assigned to install and configure the PIX firewall 515E in
company, VPN clients will access our network through dialup connection,
have only two free IP addresses, one of those IP addresses will be
to the outside interface of firewall, the other one will be used with
PAT so
that inside users will be able to access the internet.
The question is do I need more Registered IP address to configure as NAT
instead of PAT! Or the VPN has nothing with more or less registered IP

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