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Re: CCIE Vs. BS or MS degree [7:59481] posted 01/04/2003
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> Uh, sounds curiously like a case of sour grapes.  Guys who are at the top
> the business world make more money in a week than we make in a year.  More
> to the point, in my experience, it's always better to be the one giving
> orders than to be the one taking them.  Why do you think the comic strip
> Dilbert is so popular?  Sure, the pointy-haired boss might not know
> anything, but at the end of the day, he's still the one giving orders.

You seem to suffer from that curious American disease of equating money with
career fulfilment and happiness.  There is no sour grapes at all, and
throughout my various career paths I have chosen what made me happy over
what made me rich.  This is not to say that I want to work for free, but I
am quite happy making what I do in a year.  I have no desire to do a job I
loathe to make more money.  I couldn't care less who gives orders.  There is
far more nobility in serving well than in managing poorly.

I have never been interested in corporate culture... and the revelations of
the wrongdoings of American business over the past few years point to
exactly why I am not.  It is far better to be ethical and content than to
try to devour the world with one's greed.


Geoff Zinderdine
CCIE #10410

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