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RE: problems while acessing Ciscoworks 2000 [7:60285] posted 01/04/2003
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Check the permissions for the user you logged on with to the ciscoworks
And check the java settings in the web browser too I have passed with
this kind of problem but it was solved by this way as it's mainly
related with the browser


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Subject: Re: problems while acessing Ciscoworks 2000 [7:60285]

Hi all
I have windows2000 suite of NMS.I have installed CD1
with version 4 .Now that I can acess the same locally
,while When I am trying to acess ciscoview through web
using port 1741 on other pC,I am getting the error
Please grant the permission to acess Ciscoview.I
wonder whether where should I grant the
permisiion.Request all to help me.

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