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RE: O/T more campus design issues [7:60136] posted 01/03/2003
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For startup (win 9x) you must put wins in place. The Netbios node type is
covered in a prev thread.

You can do a include statement in the client lmhosts file that refers to a
lmhosts file at the DC for (example the netlogon share or on a random
server) for scaling issues.

Older Windows boxes make lousy browsing masters. They elect all the time,
startup/shut. Also the LANMAN processes are not that tuned for that role.

So putting NT on the segment (for file/print) trough multi-home or vlan tags
is recommended, sure when there are al lot of win 9x clients. Make that
WINS, and you are OK.

I've seen that work fine.

My 2 eurocents


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Verzonden: donderdag 2 januari 2003 23:16
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Onderwerp: O/T more campus design issues [7:60136]

You all remember my very simple campus network re-design that I've been
helping out with? It sure has been keeping me humble. ;-)

So we upgraded the single subnet to two subnets and two VLANs.

Everything is working OK except for Windows networking. The PCs on the new
subnet can't find a domain controller for authentication.

So, you can feel free to yell at me for not gathering more information on
the symptoms, but the client hasn't told me much. ;-) But does this ring a
bell with anyone? Are there standard recommendations on how to handle this
in a subnetted VLANed internetwork.

I'm not too well informed on Windows networking. My co-author wrote that
chapter in my troubleshooting book.

Thank-you so much!

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