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Re: Is a Virus or Hacker attack?? [7:60114] posted 01/02/2003
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hey wasnt there a virus like 3 years ago with fireworks that did that??


On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Richard Campbell wrote:

> Hi... Group,
> I have a friend who received a mail containing screen saver attachment in
> her yahoo mail account when she is surf net at home.  She downloaded the
> screen saver and install it.  After installing , she found that her files
> the my document become transparent in color and there are many extra files
> in many places.  Besides, she also found a notepad file in the desktop,
> stating that she had been hacked, yeah.. (something like that) and it can't
> be deleted (It will come back after rebooting).  And its sound also gone.
> Anyone encountered this so called Hacker "Virus" before??  Any solution for
> me??
> Thanks in advanced
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