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Re: CCIE Vs. BS or MS dergree [7:59481] posted 01/01/2003
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On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Jack Handy wrote:

> will always be with you.  Plus, you broaden your scope and you will
> appreciate all aspects of computers.  You might even like programming and
> then you can be the guy/girl that writes the code for the newest
> routers.

Well I'll let this slide by on the basis that you haven't reviewed my
resume :)  Due to my previous experiences I've done everything with
computers from technical support through software development.  Yes
programming is fun and yes its a huge market, I've just never found it to
be a "turn-on."  I've got a RADIUS server, a terminal server, a billing
system, an online shopping cart system, and the start to an OS under my
belt. :)  Colleges need to learn that many students are getting the same
courses while in high school and that they should offer a fast-track
program for those who are ahead of the game.  I entered college knowing
C,C++, Pascal, some PERL, and some x86/Pentium assembler, all in addition
to the electronics courses I had.

The only point I'm hoping to show is that the colleges have become a
corporation and that they are only interested in profit and not the
personal instruction of students as they once were.

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"Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all
of them yourself."

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