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RE: Good QoS and Mcast Book (something like that) [7:60043] posted 01/01/2003
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Williamson is also coming out with vol II of that title.. anyone heard

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Subject: RE: Good QoS and Mcast Book (something like that) [7:60043]

James Ramsay wrote: 
> Which books can peopel recommend for this CCIP exam. 
> I only want to buy one QoS book and one MCast book - spent 
> enough with Cisco Press for one life time ;) 
> Any recommendations? 
> Many thanks 
> James 

I can't recommend a good QoS book yet because I haven't found one (going
try my first Global Knowledge book soon so I'll get back to you). I
recommend the Cisco Press book on the subject at all.

As for mcast, I would strongly recommend the CP book "Developing IP
Multicast Networks, Volume I" by Beau Williamson. I always think that
instructors make better authors than about anyone else. Mr. Williamson
apparently teaches the internal Cisco course on the subject and is some
of mcast advisor to the CTO or something along those lines. Reading the
is somewhat like sitting a course. The style is very conversational. The
reason that I think instructors make great authors is that they have a
pretty good idea of the problems you are going to have as a learner.
seen the dumb looks and fielded all of the silly questions. This author
clearly takes advantage of his background teaching the subject.

Sorry for the delayed response but I wanted to finish the book before
answering. There is some errata, so be sure to download the errata sheet



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