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Re: hsrp & isl trunking [7:58144] posted 11/27/2002
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I think the 'use-bia' may have been a fix for the problem as well.  It's
been a while since it happened.  For all I know it might have been a problem
with the CatOS on the switch.

Chuck Church

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From: "Larry Letterman" 
To: "Chuck Church" 
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 6:36 PM
Subject: Re: hsrp & isl trunking [7:58144]

> And..............
> on the new msfc-2 you only get 16 hsrp groups....
> supposedly the issue that chuck states below is
> not an issue with the new msfc-2 for the 6509's....
> Chuck Church wrote:
> >Dennis,
> >
> >    It's better to have a unique HSRP group for each VLAN.  Cisco bases
> >virtual MAC address on the group.  If you reuse the group number, you'll
> >duplicate MAC addresses.  Granted, they're on seperate VLANs and
> >matter, but I had a Cat4000 that didn't like it at all, and gave me lots
> >logged messages about MACs moving around.
> >
> >Chuck Church
> >CCIE #8776, MCNE, MCSE

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