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cisco 3005 and router ID error [7:57598] posted 11/18/2002
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Hi All

have a strange probelm with a new 3005 and hope that some one may be able to
help, possibly a hardware problem though.
I shutdown the sydney office in the early hours of saturday morning to get a
new UPS installed for the server room. I restarted the vpn 3005, and what do
you know, of all devices, this one failed to return to normal operating
parameters. (even wwindows/exchange servers came back up no problem) 

However my bigger problem, and also my mistake, is that I also implemented a
new 4006 however the loopback ip was the same as the 3005. I noticed this
problem a few hours after. I tried to change the router id of the 3005,
however at this stage I could not even get the box to boot properly, could
not access it via any means. Today, I got it up to the point where I have it
back on the network (still using the IP in conflict) and accessed it via
html. I tried to change the router ID, however it kept stating that the
operation was illegal (not a browser problem :>) 

I am now left with the option to see if the box is cactus, to change the
loopback of the new core of the network, the loopback of the 4006, or come
up with a solution to get the 3005 to flush all its routes, and let me
change its router id..

Has any one come across this error, and if so how did they resolve it
besides kicking it.

for all those that actually read this far into the email, had an interesting
time moving all static routes from the old HQ, to the new HQ and
redistributing via OSPF. I made a very simple mistake, that cost me $1200AUD
in a call to a ccie. What I was stuck on, was why the new core, the 4006 was
not redistributing its static routes through-out the OSPF cloud. Answer, and
it took the CCIE 5 minutes to solve it, was my use of the redistrubite
static, where I really wanted to redistribute default information command.
Oh well, thats a good lesson to learn.

Hope you are all well and thanks for your time. Please disregard my huge
disclaimer that is to follow.

Sydney Australia



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