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Re: ISDN PRI NailedUp [7:57555] posted 11/16/2002
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Starting in IOS 12.2(4)T they added a dialer
persistent feature that does this (ignores the idle
time basically). If you don't have that IOS or higher,
you set the idle-time high and make sure theres some
form of traffic that is considered interesting by the
dialer-list defined so the idle time never expires.
Also use the 'either' option on the dialer idle
command so the idle timer gets reset for traffic in
either direction.


--- Swapnil Jain  wrote:
> Dear Cisco Pals,
> I have configured Cisco3661 with E1/PRI Balanced
> Network modules for dial in
> connection from remote users using ISDN TA from a
> windows PC. Everything is
> working fine. Now I have to convert the dialup to
> leasedline (I mean ISDN
> leased line or an ISDN nailed up connection). The TA
> at remote user supports
> nailed up isdn (Zyxel Omni net plus). What
> configuration changes I have to
> have at the 3661 side kindly let me know. The
> Telecom guys have nailed up
> the channels as required. I have searched
> but could not find much
> on it. Anybody who have done it could help me more.
> --
> Regards
> Swapnil Jain

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