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Re: FXS to key-system connection [7:57522] posted 11/15/2002
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I assume you are considering connecting an FXS VIC port to a key system. 
In that case you would connect to an FXO port on the key system. This 
would qualify as a "trunk" circuit connecting the two telephone 
switching devices. You are correct that this is not the best of possible 
connections. Dialtone is intended to be used as a signal between a 
machine, (a telephone switch) and a human listening to the telephone 
handset. It does not do well from machine to machine. In the analog 
world the best scenario for telephone trunk circuits is the E&M 
interface. But, your key system nay not support that.
Good luck with the FXS/FXO trunking. (Pay close attention to any calls 
that get refused, as it could indicate that digits are getting lost 
between the two systems).

neil K. wrote:

>Hi All,
>How can you interface the FXS to the key system.I mean FXS provides
>dial-tone so I was thinking only a phone or fax can be interfaced to an FXS
>Can anyone explain.
>Thanks in advance for your help.

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