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Re: RE: Re: Fw: New CCIE Written Exam [7:57341] posted 11/14/2002
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I received an answer from Cisco saying that it was removed from written and
lab after November 4th.

But I would like to confirm that with guys that took the test.  Just a yes
or no (I think it has no problem with NDA)

"Madeleine Lam" em 14/11/2002

Favor responder a "Madeleine Lam" 

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Assunto:    Re: RE: Re: Fw: New CCIE Written Exam [7:57341]

I thought Token Ring and IPX were removed from the
Lab exam, but they still stay on the CCIE written.
Am I wrong?

--- alaerte Vidali  wrote:
> IPX are gone too. Right ?

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