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Re: Multiple CCIE qualification exams then labs? [7:57019] posted 11/14/2002
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I believe that all the VoIP images require 64MB.  Though VoFR, VoHDLC, and
VoATM are supported w/ 32MB

""HulaJoe""  wrote in message
> Hello All,
> I just purchased a 3810 to practice some Voice labs. I was hoping someone
> could answer a quick question for me.
> The 3810 I'm getting has 32 MB of RAM - Is this enough to run the 3810 as
> VoIP GW ? Can someone give me some insight in regards to setting up the
> to support VoIP ?
> Thanks in advance!
> Joe
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> Subject: Multiple CCIE qualification exams then labs? [7:57019]
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> Folks
> I have a question that hopefully can lead to me receiving some good
> advice.
> Back in June (Just before I was laid off) I took and passed the CCIE
> security written exam. Since then I have been unsuccessfully seeking
> employment.
> Due in part to the cost, I have chosen not to book the lab yet and
> probably wont until I am back in work. Which leads me (finally :-) to my
> question.
> Would it be worthwhile to study for and take the routing and switching
> qualification exam and/or perhaps even a communications and services
> exam too (maybe the voice beta when it is released).
> Does anyone have any experience of how much commonality there is between
> the exam materials?
> Also, following on from that, how about the labs. Assuming I find myself
> back in employment in the not too distant future and can manage to
> afford it, would it be worth practicing for two or more CCIE labs at the
> same time and then booking the labs back to back (or at least close
> together)?
> I have a reasonable home lab that includes 3x2500, 3x4500, a 2600, a
> 3600, 2xMC3810, a 7500, 2xPix501 and cat 2820, etherswitch 2200 and 3920
> (yeah,I purchased the last 2 a couple of months before the lab equipment
> changes were announced). So with the addition of a 3550 EMI (or 2 :- eek
> $$$) and some remote lab time I think I should be able to prepare for
> the lab exam(s) for any of the above.
> The real question is should I go ahead and go for multiple CCIE certs at
> once or is this just a really foolish idea.
> Thanks
> Peter Walker

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