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Re: How can PIX notify us when primary is down? [7:57342] posted 11/14/2002
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Hi Sim,

You can configure PIX Firewall send the message to a syslog server when the 
Active PIX in failover down, then the configure the syslog server to notify 
admin via e-mail.

To make two PIX Firewall in Failover you need:
1. PIX IOS vers 5.0 or later to run Statefull Failover
2. Two PIX must be same IOS version and same hardware.
3. PIX 515, 525, 535.
4. Feature-based license key with Failover feature support.

You can take out the secondary PIX, but the failover do not work in your 

For details:

Best Regards,

>From: "Sim, CT (Chee Tong)" 
>Reply-To: "Sim, CT (Chee Tong)" 
>To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: How can PIX notify us when primary is down? [7:57342]
>Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:07:19 GMT
>Dear all,
>I have two PIX 515 configured as failover.  I want to know how to the 
>notify us (for eg via e-mail) when the primary PIX go down?
>Whether the secondary PIX is cheaper in price.  Do we need to install the
>license after we purchase the hardware (primary PIX license and secondary
>PIX license)?  Can I take out my secondary PIX to use it as another 
>for another segment?
>Thanks in advance
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