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Connecting Ls1010 and OmniSwitch [7:57317] posted 11/12/2002
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Has anybody tried to connect a LS1010 and an Alcatel OmniSwitch using atm?
We are having a lot of problems with the following scenario

LS1010 --ATM OC3--- Omniswitch ----- Videoconference device
Videoconference device

The LS1010 has an atm address
on the other hand the omniswitches have atm addresses
Due to the different AFI code I presume that I can't use PNNI, and I need to
use static atm routing, can anybody confirm this point?
The guys that manage the Videoconference devices say that they work
establishing SVCs through the ATM network, if we connect directly the
Omniswitches there is no problem, so I suppose that I am doing something
wrong, do I need to configure svcs on the LS1010?
Thanx in advance, and sorry for being so imprecise, but the situation it's a
bit difficult to explain and I'm quite lost.

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