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Re: Problem with polling interface counters Cisco 7206vxr [7:56974] posted 11/06/2002
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Hi Daniel,

counters are seriously broken in 12.0.21S4. Have not seen any counter 
problems with 12.0.21S5 so far. This is on 7200 and 7500 routers here.

One bug open at cisco for this issue:

Symptoms   The output counters that are associated with an interface may
remain zero, even though traffic is passed through the interface.
Conditions   The conditions under which this symptom occurs are not known at
this time.
Workaround   There is no workaround.



On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 07:05:22PM +0000, Daniel Kekai wrote:
> Hello
> I am using 12.0(21)S4 on a Cisco 7206vxr with FE,T1 and DS3/ATM modules. I
> am having a problem polling the interface counters. Some counters do not
> give any value and some are 20-30% off from what I see on the router. This
> happens on all interfaces. I am also seeing big spikes in traffic data that
> I assume is due to wrapping on the 32 bit counters but I don't know how it
> is wrapping since it sees 0 data in the first place. :)
> I have tried to use the 64 bit counters but those all give 0 readings.
> Anyone else seen this problem? Apologies if this has been covered before
> it seems the search engine is not working. :(
> Thanks,
> -daniel

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