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Frame Relay [7:56953] posted 11/06/2002
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I'm working on a lab frame-relay/OSPF scenario where I'm getting
unexpected results.  I have a 4000 router acting as a frame switch with
a fully meshed frame cloud with 4 routers attached.  I configured the
routers to be in NBMA mode via the 'ip ospf network non-broadcast' which
I realize is the default and also configured the neighbors on each
router.  As expected I a DR and BDR were elected and I could see such
with the 'show ip ospf neigh' command.


I then removed the 'ip ospf network non-broadcast' from each routers
interface (again not really changing anything) and also all neighbor
statements.  I expected that OSPF would fail since there were no
neighbors defined disallowing any adjacencies, but what I found was that
OSPF went ahead and elected a DR and BDR.  What am I missing?



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