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Re: RE: Looking for BSCN in PDF format [7:50039] posted 07/30/2002
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if it is of any help, books and other study materials may be tax deductible.
Check with your tax person to be sure.

also, make use of places like Fatbrain and Bookpool. You can find some
substantial savings.



""Binoy K L""  wrote in message
> I do agree with JB
> The strain behind building a quality book is  a lot. for that you
> have to
> give a premium.
> Don`t think that for reaching the heights, there are short cuts.
> Pirates are
> not encouraged to be here.
> Jeff, cut your movies, expense for other luxuries.. you will buy
> it..
> All the best
> On Tue, 30 Jul 2002 Abu Mwalie wrote :
> >Juan,
> >
> >You have said it quite correctly.
> >
> >The very best thing is to sacrifice and have the book. It is far
> >better to
> >read the book than a PDF file, but more important, the amount of
> >work that
> >has gone into producing the better requires payment!
> >
> >This is a costly path we are following. Ask me, I have stopped
> >counting how
> >many US Dollars I have spent on books! But I still have to
> >spend!
> >
> >Jeffrey, please just buy the book.... I have that book, and it is
> >great stuff.
> >abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Binoy K L,
> System Administrator
> Wintech Computers
> Kerala

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