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content engine 507 and ubr [7:50104] posted 07/30/2002
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Hi all! I have a problem with a cache engine
507 and a ubr. I configured them for web-cache - wccp
version 2 and it generally works. It's just that the
set top boxes behind the ubr don't see the web page on
the local server. My network is somehow like this:
                            ethernet    cable int
                                   |    |
internet <-- web server <--switch <--ubr<--STB 
                             ---- content engine      
The confgiguration on the ubr is:
cable: ip route-cache same-interface
ethernet: ip wccp web-cache redirect out
and its enabled global.

The content engine sees the router(output of show wccp
routers)and it looks ok. I tried to do a static
bypass: all traffic coming from the ubr to my web
server to be bypassed and it didn't work. I made the
ce to bypass all traffic to my web server and it
doesn't work. BTW when I disable the wccp protocol on
the ubr it works .. On the other hand if I have a
computer instead of a set top box it doesn't work for
some time and afterwards it works. Can anyone help me
address this problem?

Thank you

Alexandru Barbu

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