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Re: CCNP Please Clarify. [7:49826] posted 07/28/2002
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  I got my CCNP and CCDP 12/2000. I suggest you get the following:

 Hutnik & Satterlee's Cisco CCIE Lab Study Guide - there are 119 hands
on labs in this book and you will easily pass the routing and
troubleshooting if you do all of them.

 Andrew Bruce Caslow Cisco Certification Bridges, Routers, and Switches
for CCIEs

 You must have hands on time with ISDN. There is no way around it. Buy
two Cisco 2503s and share a single ISDN line between them if you're
poor, get an Adtran Atlas 550 and a couple of ISDN routers if you're
rich. You might be able to do this work with a simulator - I worked for
a reseller so I had all the equipment I needed.


Shravan Bellal wrote:
> Hi All,
> Today only I subscribed to this mail ID. Its so nice to talk with all
> Experts. I started preparing CCNP (2.0) routing exam. I have Cisco CCNP
> certification Kit. Is this material is sufficient for CCNP Routing exam or
> any other good material for this exam. Also please let me know any good
> sites for exam preparation (sample test questions).
> I passed CCNA 1.0 in Dec 1999. Is I am eligible to write CCNP 2.0?
> If yes what is the dead line for me to complete CCNP.
> I would be appreciating if any one clarifies my doubts.
> Thanks
> Shravan
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