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RE: DNS through PAT? [7:49754] posted 07/26/2002
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Here is how I got mine to work.
ip nat inside source static tcp 53 53
ip nat inside source static udp 53 53

The first line is if someone else is a secondary dns server for you and
you do zone transfers that's why tcp.

The second line is for actual dns queries it uses udp and I have no
problems at all with quesries been hosting my own dns and mail server
for over 3 years on my own dsl circuit and a buddy of mine is the
secondary dns and secondary mx record. I am doing this on a 1605. Hope
this helps.

Waiting for my pix to arrive so I can get some experience with it and
replace the 1605 with the pix. Which I will probably looking to you guys
for help :).

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From: Johan Hjalmarsson [mailto:cnsjohj@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 4:30 AM
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Subject: DNS through PAT? [7:49754]

I'd like to install my own DNS server on my home network, but it seems
I've run into some problems :-(

Since I only got one public IP address from my provider I'm running Port
Address Translation to be able to gain Internet access from the PC's on
I also use static NAT to let Internet users access my Web & FTP site on
of my inside PC's.
So far so good. No for the problem:

I tried to create the same static NAT rule for DNS, but when I debug the
translation it claims that it can't translate the DNS A-record.

Here's some examples of the NAT statements I'm using:
LAN access to the Internet:
ip nat inside source list acl-nat interface Ethernet1 overload
Access to my web server from the Internet:
ip nat inside source static tcp 80 80 extendable
The DNS entry I used:
ip nat inside source static udp 53 53 extendable

Any idear what I'm doing wrong?
Is it at all possible to make this work with just one public address?


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