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Re: Cisco 12000 - PPP Bridged Encap [7:49620] posted 07/25/2002
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I hope the mentioned below answer your Q
Does the Gigabit Switch Router (GSR) support bridging?
  A.  No.  The GSR runs Cisco IOS. Software Releases 12.0S and 11.2GS, which
are designed to provide robust IP routing and enhanced IP services for the
Internet Service Provider (ISP) community.  They do not provide support for
full bridging protocols such as transparent bridging or source route
bridging, nor do they support integrated routing and bridging (IRB).
However, you can use bridged-style permanent virtual circuits (BPVCs) to
allow ATM line cards to connect to a Catalyst switch or to another remote
device that supports bridged-format request for comments

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From: "MACSL" 
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 8:29 AM
Subject: Cisco 12000 - PPP Bridged Encap [7:49620]

> Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me out with
> this. I send the below e-mail to the Cisco TAC. Any
> pointers would be great.
> Thank you!
> macsl
> TAC:
> I'm currently on-site trying to bring up a POS OC-3
> connection.
> Here is the topology:
> GSR 12000 ----POS OC-3---- L2 Gigabit Ethernet Cloud
> ---- Gig ---- Cisco
> 6509
> I currently have the GSR set up with a peer address of
> the 6509. The same is
> true for the 6509, the peer is the GSR.
> I would like to set up the GSR to send bridged PPP
> packets into the L2
> cloud, so that the cloud would know how to switch the
> packets to the 6509.
> I was looking into doing this with BVI's but I wasn't
> able to anything for
> the 12000 under the CCO web page.
> Is this possible with a 12000? If so can you refer me
> to some configs?
> The current version of code is 12.0(14).
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