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Re: New CCIE Written is here. He afraid, be very afraid... [7:49595] posted 07/24/2002
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Dennis Laganiere wrote:

> "To prepare for this exam, candidates may wish to review the exam
> blueprint and study suggestions."
> If this is anything like the beta, things just got quite a bit harder...

In search of someone, anyone who attended the CCIE Power Session in
San Diego or Orlando:

The URL above (whatsnew.html#5) refers to the beta (351-001):

Will someone who attended the CCIE Power Session (PS-570) at
Networkers 2002 in San Diego or Orlando compare and contrast the
extensive description of the beta and the Power Session. Please. If
someone who actually attended PS-570 would only do this! We're not
talking about any NDA violations, nothing to worry about, just free
exchange of public knowledge of two public items:

* the description of the beta at the URL above
* Networkers 2002 PS-570

-- TT

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