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Re: Proper network design? [7:49536] posted 07/24/2002
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I assume you are using primary and secondary IP address on this one ethernet
interface (which is creating the "router on a stick" effect)?


Frank H wrote:
> Yes, I am using a 2514. It does have 2 10BaseT interfaces
> (through AUI adapters). I am not using subinterfaces. Both
> ports are used - one port goes to the Internet (for hosts that
> require Internet access) and the other connects directly to the
> 24 port hub which resides within the internal LAN. This
> internal LAN (network can also communicate with
> network (also connected on the hub) because the
> 2514 routes traffic back to a cellular network
> host controller ( The 2514 is acting as a
> regular router for Internet traffic and a "router on a stick"
> for traffic. It was strange for me at first, but
> now I get the picture.
> Frank

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