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Re: Cisco IOS Docs Hardcopy? [7:49444] posted 07/23/2002
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Virtually any Cisco contract will entitle you to free documentation.  If
it shows up with an orderable quantity in the product upgrade tool, then
you can get it for free.


"Mark W. Odette II" wrote:
> Jason,
> Funny you should mention it.
> I just received my order of documentation, which I placed over a month
> ago.
> One thing for sure, I got more documentation than I realized I ordered-
> and it was all free.  I did not find an indication of charge for
> shipping or the docs themselves.  Now I have enough documentation to
> fill 5 bookshelves!
> ... and yes, part of that documentation is the 12.2 docs-- config guide,
> debug docs, command guide, Voice-Video-Fax docs, and the list goes on.
> All of it is soft-cover though, so don't expect hard-cover.
> I received 1 very large box, a medium sized box, several small boxes and
> bubble envelopes... 11 pieces in all.
> Some of that was Voice docs though... ICS 7750, IP Phones, Call Manager,
> CiscoWorks for Voice, etc.
> I figured, if it was free, and I want to familiarize myself with that
> stuff for the future, why the heck not order it!
> I believe my Reseller Status is what allowed me to order it all for free
> though.
> Good Luck!
> Mark Odette II
> StellarConnection Services
> CCNP, MCSE, A+ Certified.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Barbee Jason [mailto:jasonb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 10:37 AM
> To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Cisco IOS Docs Hardcopy? [7:49444]
> When logged in to CCO, I can go to the Product Upgrade tool, select
> documentation, and see a large list of available documentation. I would
> like
> to order the documentation set for 12.2, but I do not see it on the
> list.
> Is there a way to order the complete set? or should I just enter
> quantity 1
> for all the IOS documenations.
> And I'm concerned about billing too, it appears it will charge our Cisco
> Reseller for the shipping and/or costs.
> Do these documents cost anything or is it just the cost of shipping?
> I thought I had read a thread that mentioned this somewhere, but I
> couldn't
> find it using the groupstudy google search engine, and the older archive
> search engine gave a glimpse not found error. I apologize if some of the
> questions here have already been answered.

Shawn Heisey
Cisco Systems USA
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